Introduction of Zon Testing

ZON Testing

Update on Zearalenone (ZON)

Following recent discussions, The National Association of British & Irish Flour Millers (NABIM), have modified their original intentions regarding ZON.

ZON tests will now be required on ALL deliveries to millers from 1st November, the results of which will need to be put on any passports being delivered to Millers,  in addition  to DON tests.

All deliveries to millers must be accompanied by a combinable crops passport that clearly states the mycotoxin zearalenone level in parts per billion (ppb), – max 100 ppb for ZON, and max 1250 ppb for DON, and the date on which the test was carried out. These are the most common mycotoxins, and are associated with fusarium infection of the crop in the field.

The owner is legally obliged to ensure the grain is safe for human consumption, and is within the legal requirements and safe for human consumption, to comply with Food & Safety legislation.


The main concerns lie with milling co-products such as bran as well as those mills producing a higher percentage of wholemeal flour. The results of ZON tests have shown that the levels have been increasing year on year.

The test takes around 30 minutes to perform and the kit is relatively expensive. If you wish us to carry out the test for you we are more than happy to but will need to charge £25.00 per test.

Cefetra Grain is working with others within the industry to help provide the most accurate indication of the risk level, and to help determine whether testing is required throughout the whole season. Nabim advises the situation will be kept under review and may be revised if ZON levels fall from where they currently are.