For Growers

We’re committed to working cooperatively with farmers to deliver a service that is mutually beneficial.

As your supply chain manager, we provide a secure connection between your business and market users. Through tailored marketing services, expert advice, and our practical and logistical resources, we deliver profitable relationships and a service that you can consistently rely on to enable you to secure the best for your business.



We are actively involved in the grain market and have developed many long-standing relationships, all of which are augmented by our well-established connections.

Through our strong links and connections in the feed, food and fuel industries, we provide farmers with access to a range of end users while ensuring that relationships operate smoothly and profitably. We work with all the major animal feed compounders across the UK as well as millers, often not only supplying but also buying back offtake products.

Our sister companies across Europe give us direct access into major export homes and through our connections we work with the largest exporter of malting barley in the UK.

We have a wealth of expertise, from our skilled traders at head office to our experienced farm buyers at our regional offices, and are uniquely placed to provide growers with financially strong partnerships.


In 2017 we started supplying seed on a national scale through partnerships with some of the UK’s most respected seed breeders, meaning we now offer an extensive range of cereals, pulses and oilseeds.

As part of this service, we offer buy backs on milling wheats enabling growers to lock into a premium at a significantly better rate than currently offered with a flexible movement period.

Our Services

We are aware of the challenges that farmers face in today’s volatile market, and recognise that by working together we can help you overcome those challenges.

Through an extensive range of services, including pricing and commodity exchange updates, we help farmers in producing and selling their high quality product while minimising risk.

To get in contact with our team of dedicated Farm Buyers please click here.


Grain Marketing

Commodity trading markets have become increasingly complex, dynamic and volatile in recent years. The support of a strong grain trading partner is now more critical than ever for farmers.

We offer many strategies and contracts for growers, and have the professional market knowledge to ensure maximum returns for our clients even at times of volatility in the market.

Here are some of the different contracts we have available:

  •  Pool contracts with four movement periods and cash advances (Harvest, Autumn, Spring, Long)
  • Minimum Premium contracts for Milling Wheats and Malting Barley
  • Harvest Move, Price Later contracts for Feed Wheat, Feed Barley and OSR
  • Upside contracts for Feed Wheat and Malting Barley


Grain Storage

With storage sites strategically located across the UK and Ireland, we can provide what you need, when you need it, all while ensuring that your product is always delivered and stored with traceability and product safety guaranteed.

From deep-water export facilities in Immingham and Southampton, where we can ship vessels of up to 60,000 mt, to our coaster size vessels for grain shipment located up and down the country, we have every angle covered. We also have an extensive range of storage facilities around the UK, with our largest store holding 70,000 mt.

Grain Hedging

Our origination clients can reap the benefits of our hedging strategies, which utilise the markets to enhance returns.

Built on proven commodity risk management solutions, strategies are designed to consistently take advantage of outright price movement or basis opportunities in the physical cash market.

To find out more get in contact with your regional farm grain buying team.

Market Reports & Updates

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